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2018 Summer Term
Posted 8/28/18

High School 2018 Summer Term was held at 71 comprehensive high school sites from June 18, 2018 and July 20, 2018.  Students were able to enroll at any site in up to two courses or 10 credits.  A total of 85 unique courses were available to students. Following the same pattern as the previous three years, the most requested courses were CC Algebra 1 and English 9A.
The daily schedule consisted of two extended periods of 2.5 hours (150 minutes) each and a 30-minute nutrition break.  Approximately 37,199 students were enrolled in 2,368 sections during 2018 Summer Term.  

Funding was provided to allow for all core subject teachers to participate in a weekly hour of Common Planning Time (CPT) and/or Professional Development (PD) planned and facilitated by the summer administrators and Teacher Leaders.  The extra hour each week was used to review findings from classroom observations and share instructional strategies on how to organize the extended class period into sections to keep students focused and engaged.  

Survey responses indicate that administrators are seeing evidence of the implementation of CPT/PD content into classroom practice:  “Teachers were using new strategies in their classes; differentiated lessons were more frequently used; teachers were grateful for the new ideas.”
Teachers were asked about the effect of the Teacher Leader and CPT/PD on their instructional practice. Typical responses were:  “The teacher leader was excellent.  He was instrumental in the successful implementation of my classes.” and “I believe having a weekly PD/common planning time helped me the most since it gave me the opportunity to ask questions, learn strategies and collaborate with other teachers.”